Which College Has the Best Campus?

Which college has the best campus? Students often ask this question because they want to attend a college with beautiful grounds, awesome dorms, and inspiring architecture.

Asking which school has the BEST campus is a very subjective question of course, but this list shows 20 of the highest-rated campuses in the country:

1 Vanderbilt University   
2 University of Virginia   
3 Dartmouth College   
4 University of Notre Dame   
5 Colgate University   
6 Stanford University   
7 Kalamazoo College    
8 Clemson University   
9 Baylor University
10 Miami University      
11 Cornell University   
12 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University   
13 Bob Jones University    
14 Michigan State University    
15 Lehigh University   
16 Grand Valley State University    
17 Indiana University Bloomington    
18 University of Mary Washington    
19 Washington University in St. Louis   
20 University of Miami