Direct Stafford Loan MPN

To apply for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan you will need to complete a Master Promissory Note. The MPN is a promissory note that can be used to make one or more loans for one or more academic years (up to 10 years). The MPN will be used for both Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans.

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If you are a student borrower under the Direct Loan Program attending a school that is authorized and chooses to make multiple loans under the same MPN for more than one academic year, you will only sign one MPN.

The MPN will be used for all of your loans over multiple academic years. For example, if you enroll in college as a freshman and borrow under the Direct Loan Program for all years of study, you may be able to borrow under this one MPN for all years.

You will be required to use your U.S. Department of Education issued PIN to complete an electronic MPN. For additional information or to ask general PIN questions, you can visit the official PIN site or access the PIN customer service web page at