Estimate My EFC

Are you looking for a calculator or tool that can help you to estimate your EFC (Expected Family Contribution)? The FAFSA Forecaster tool from the Department of Education will help you get an early start on the financial aid process by providing you with an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid.

In addition, the FAFSA Forecaster can increase your knowledge of the financial aid process and provide information about other sources of aid.

Another feature of FAFSA Forecaster is the FAFSA Forecaster Tip. These tips appear throughout the site and provide you with information that will help make preparing for college and the financial aid process easier.

But that is not all. If you use FAFSA Forecaster, when you are ready to officially apply for aid, FAFSA Forecaster will transfer all of your data to the FAFSA on the Web application, making the experience of applying for federal student aid a lot easier for your university.

So help make your forecast a bright one by not only planning for college but by preparing for the costs of a college education.

Go ahead and get started... use FAFSA4caster now