What Scholarships Do I Qualify For?

Q: What scholarships am I eligible to receive? Are there scholarships for me? Which scholarships should I apply for?

A: There are a variety of different types of scholarships, available from university, government, and private sources.

For help in finding scholarship opportunities, all students should start with free scholarship search web sites such as ScholarshipHunter.com, FastWeb.com, and FinAid.org.

Most scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and some are also based on financial need. Still other scholarships are based on essay contests and are open to everyone.

Merit-based scholarships are based on prior academic performance. Other criteria may include leadership, involvement in activities, geographical background, ethnic background, intended major, and career goals. Pay special attention to the eligibility requirements and selection criteria for each scholarship.

Prime months for scholarship deadlines are January through April for awards starting the following fall term. Keep in mind that many scholarships are only awarded once a year, so missing a deadline can mean missing out until the next cycle. Applications submitted past the deadline are usually not considered.

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