Should I Go to Law School Quiz

Q: Should I go to law school?

A: That is a good question because many people go to law school only to quickly find out that it was the wrong choice for them.

So before you take your LSAT, take the Should I Go to Law School Quiz below.

Answer the following true or false questions and we will tell you what your answers mean.

1. True or False: Public speaking terrifies me.  
2. True or False: I prefer "nurturing" rather than "competitive"
                         learning environments.

3. True or False: I often make decisions based on my feelings.

4. True or False: I like to make peace and avoid conflict.

5. True or False: I want a career that offers lots of free time.       

6. True or False: I want a job where I do not have to take work home.

7. True or False: I want to attend law school so that I can find a good job.

8. True or False: Lots and lots of details bore me.  

9. True or False: I hate to be criticized.

10. True or False: I hate it when people play mind games.

11. True or False: I am a very creative person.   


If you answered TRUE zero to two times, law school might be a good option for you. But if you answered TRUE three times or more, you should consider talking to a career counselor before you take the LSAT or apply to a law school.

Here is why:

Law school and the law profession will require lots of public speaking and arguing in front of large groups. Law school is a highly competitive environment where your ideas will be constantly challenged by your classmates and your professors. People who excel in law love to argue and are highly analytical thinkers. The law profession will take up a great deal of your free time and you will take your work home with you. Chasing money is the wrong reason to go to law school. You need to have a natural aptitude for studying and arguing the law in order to gain a high ranking in your graduating class. Studying law means studying lots and lots of minute details which can be difficult for creative types. Practicing and arguing the law is all about complicated mind games. You have to be analytical and have the ability to be severely criticized when your ideas are wrong.