Which COLLEGES Accept ACT?

Q: I have completed the ACT college entrance exam, but which colleges accept the ACT?

A: The ACT exam is now accepted by every college or university in the USA that requires an entrance exam. (Keep in mind that some colleges do not require entrance exams.)

For many years, the SAT was the only entrance exam that was accepted by most large colleges and universities. Then he ACT exam made its debut in 1959 and was adopted primarily by smaller schools. 

Today, depending on the state you live in, you may be encouraged to take either the SAT or the ACT.

But for colleges, they will normally accept the results from either test because they are trying to attract students from all parts of the country.

Students who take the ACT exam tend to come from high schools in the South and Midwest, and student who take the SAT tend to come from larger states on the coasts such as New York, Pennsylvania, and California. 

The SAT is still the dominant test nationwide, and an increasing number of high school students are taking the SAT.

But that is OK, because for the most part, the ACT is accepted everywhere the SAT is.

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