Why Is College Good?

Q: Why should I go to college? Is college a good idea for everyone?

A: This is a great question, because the answer is that college is good, but it definitely is not for everyone.

For many people, college is a necessary stepping stone to achieve the career of their choice. But for others, college can be a big waste of money.

You need to consider that college can help you to attain the career of your choice, but it is also expensive. Currently, most students who attend college need to accept some sort of financial aid. And the largest source of financial aid is student loans.

Student loans always need to be paid back. They cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and you cannot just walk away from them if you do not find the right career after college.

So before you borrow one penny for college, you need to ask yourself what your education will be worth over time. You need to plan for what your career will be after you graduate from school. For example, a law, medical, business, or engineering degree will almost always earn more than a psychology, history, or communications degree. So plan accordingly and avoid debt whenever you can.

Another important question is to ask yourself if you have what it takes to complete college. A large number of students start, but never complete their college education. Sometimes the problem is discipline, sometimes the problem is money, and sometimes personal circumstances intervene.

Are you a person that is good at setting goals and following through? If the answer is no, you might consider a different higher education option.

Good College Alternatives
Community colleges and trade schools are great places for continuing students to acquire new skills. These schools are also a good option for working adults who want to advance their careers with additional training or technical degrees.

These schools usually offer associate degrees to students who complete a two-year program in their particular field.

And if you find that you love your two-year program, it is usually easy to then transfer to a four-year school!

Many four-year colleges accept transferring students who successfully complete their two-year associate degrees and maintain a decent grade point average.

Other Career Training Options
Depending on your career goals, you might also consider a one-year specialty program from a vocational school. These programs can be good choices for students pursuing a career in Licensed Practical Nursing, Culinary Arts, Child Education Development, Law Enforcement, or Fire Science.

Vocational schools also offer certification programs as auto dental hygienists, graphic designers, mechanics, hair stylists, and more.

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